Midwest Collegiate Taekwondo Conference

The Pride of Taekwondo

Made For Collegiate Competition

MCTC was founded with one purpose: increase and improve the level of collegiate taekwondo competition in the Midwest.

While the Midwest is filled with talent, the sheer size of the area made it difficult for schools to find competition outside their state lines.

Through MCTC, colleges and universities are able to gather once a year to compete, network, and prepare for the ultimate goal: Collegiate Nationals.

Where Are You From?

Our members proudly represent the best schools in the Midwest. 
Together, we represent the heart of Taekwondo.

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Designed to Excel

Competition is meant to bring out the best in our athletes and test them with new challenges.

MCTC uses a tier-league system to make sure athletes are matched based on skill, not just their belt color. Our league is designed to help athletes excel faster and encounter unique situations that are only possible through competition.

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More Than Just A Tournament

MCTC is more than just a training ground for athletes. It serves as a community for students across the country that share the same passion.
From annual dinners, scholarships, and having familiar faces at Collegiate nationals, MCTC is proud to serve its members.