MCTC Leagues



We ask all coaches and athletes to read the guidelines below before registering.

MCTC competition is unique in that it provides an opportunity for athletes to gain collegiate level fighting experience.

The collegiate level competition scene is unique because athletes come from all types of different backgrounds:
– Beginners with no experience who excel quickly
– Color belts trying to break into black belt competition
– Black belts who are learning to adapt to the WT fighting style.

To accommodate this diverse background and provide the best experience, MCTC competition is based on three leagues: A, B, and C.

This means that matches are not only segmented by weight and belt level, but also skill level.

MCTC puts a lot of time and effort into fair and competitive match making. Similar skilled fighters at the same belt rank are prioritized (i.e. yellow belt fighters with other yellow belt fighters). However, MCTC wants to offer the most dynamic matches and deep brackets; we’ve all experienced tournaments where athletes only get one fight or have to fight out of their weight class just to get some experience.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for a lower ranking athlete to be matched against a higher ranking athlete, if they are in the same league, and it is not uncommon to see the lower ranking belts outperform their higher ranking peers. MCTC’s match making system will never intentionally pair a lower ranking belt with an unrealistic match.

This also means that MCTC relies on fair play and appropriate league selection from the Coaches.
– “A League” should be reserved for black belts and advanced red belts.
– “B League” should be reserved for intermediate black belts and color belts.
– “C League” should be reserved for developing beginners and white belts.

MCTC asks the coaches to honestly evaluate their athletes so they have the best experience possible. We want to see our athletes test themselves and continue to improve their skills in preparation for national and international competition.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the us with any questions regarding the leagues.
MCTC encourages coaches to contact the league ahead of competition, if there are any questions about placing their athletes in the correct league.

A League
Contact: Full Head Contact

Recommendation: Black belts and advanced red belts

Gear Requirements: Gen 1 or Gen 2 Daedo Socks, Red, Blue, or White Head Gear, Gen 1 Daedo Heel Socks (optional)

Goal: Provide black belts with quality fights at the world class level. Experienced red belt fighters have the opportunity to test their readiness for black belt level fighting.

*Daedo E-Head Gear will be used on an availability basis

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Fighters

B League
Contact: Light Head Contact

Recommendation: New black belts, all color belts, and experienced white belts

Gear Requirements: Red and Blue Hogu, Gen 1 or Gen 2 Daedo Socks, Red, Blue, or White Head Gear, Gen 1 Daedo Heel Socks (optional)

Goal: Ideal for black belts who come from a non-WT background or those with little to no fighting experience and do think think they are ready to compete at the world class level. Excellent league for all color belts from yellow to red, and great for white belts that are excelling.

*Daedo Hogus will be used on a time permitting basis, Daedo E-Head Gear will be used on an availability and time permitting basis

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate Fighters

C League
Contact: No Head Contact

Recommendation: All white belts, and anyone with head injuries

Gear Requirements: Red and Blue Hogu, Red, Blue, or White Head Gear

Goal: Ideal for beginners and white belts to get collegiate level experience. Best league for athletes with a history of head injuries.

*MCTC will make exceptions and find matches for color belts and black belts that are prone to head injuries, but would otherwise fight in another league

Level of Difficulty: Beginner Fighters